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Why Rig Runners Sportfishing is Different:

Below are some of the issues that set charter companies apart and they can make or break the success of any given fishing trip. These are some of the major issues that will determine the safety, success and overall enjoyment of your fishing charter.

I'm going speak as frankly as possible on each of these issues. We like answering questions and doing what we can to make your trip a memorable one.


1. Our Captains are professional fishermen.

There are many in the industry that book charters on weekends only as nothing more than a tax write off and to support a fishing habit. Now there is nothing wrong with this, it makes for a great part time job and many are good fishermen. Our Captains are not part-time weekend guides; they are full-time professional fisherman, and fish daily. This daily time on the water allows them to keep up with the constantly changing patterns and normal migrations of our pelagic species. This allows them to spend less time hunting fish and more time putting you on them for a successful fishing trip.

All of our Guides are Local, and grew up right here fishing our area from childhood. This life-long local knowledge gives them a better understanding of seasonal patterns and how to adjust their tactics and move as the fishing changes with the seasons.


2. Why we charge for fuel.

Our offshore fishing charters are at a plus fuel rate. There are advantages to this way of running a charter boat: it allows a captain and the customers to make mutual decisions on customizing the trip for the group, either before the boat leaves the dock or on the fly as the day progresses. Everyday is different and some unforeseen conditions (such as constantly changing or strong currents) can play havoc on a day’s plans. When these situations arise, it can be a group decision as to either move on to better conditions, or change targeted species etc. It gives the captain the ability to explain the options at hand and include the customers in these decisions.

With a flat-rate fuel charge, the captain’s first and foremost priority is to burn as little fuel as possible therefore raising the company's profit margin, many times to the detriment of the fisherman's success. With flat-rate trips, on most occasions the owner of the company will set limits on the captain as to how far he can go or where he can fish (regardless of the outcome of the trip). He eventually leaves the dock with his hands tied. In the Charter industry we jokingly refer to this as fishing inside the sandbox. On the surface, the flat rate trip looks good but with the distance we have to travel on a given day it is not usually the most successful option. This is a standard practice industry-wide.

We are not a flat-rate charter. We prefer to set the price of the trip and then only charge for the fuel used. This allows our professional Captains to do their jobs and make decisions along with the customers as to what they feel is worth targeting on any given day.

Our boats are full when you board them in the morning and the tank is topped off upon your return, leaving no speculation as to how much fuel was burned and preparing the boat for the next days customers.


3. Our prices are up-front

Our offshore trips are priced for our maximum number of 6 people, there are no hidden fees or extra charges for additional fisherman over a certain number.


4. You will catch fish!

There is an old saying " Its called fishing not catching". With that said, on our full offshore trips we do not come home empty handed. Not Ever. We do not take people on expensive boat rides, we take pride in catching fish and sending our customers home happy. Our captain’s work hard to make a repeat customer out of everyone they fish with.  When looking for a fishing charter take a look at their photo gallery, on most occasions it will tell more about the company than the rest of the website.


5. Testimonials

See our Facebook page or the testimonials page here on the site, and see what our customers have had to say. A large part of our business is repeat business and referrals


6. The boats

We actually own our boats; they are not leased. Our boats are professionally maintained by the captain who operates them; he knows his boat inside and out, and we keep our equipment updated. Our captains have to be on that boat with you. They take no chance within their control and are meticulous about their maintenance and safety.

If you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance, please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email. I appreciate you giving us a look and would be proud to earn your business.


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